Public law and public employment law

Public employment law

The public sector employs people on the level of community, canton and federal state in the fields of administration, security, health, construction, judiciary, etc. Public employment law is often similar to private law, but has specialities, which are important in conflict situations. We support you in your problems with the state.

Administrative law

Every citizen relates to the state and its administrative offices in many ways. Every act of the public authority has to be based on legal principals. If there are any problems with public authorities we support you by legal consulting, accompany to meetings, rights to hearings or administrative proceedings.


People working in the public administration or a governmental institution such as a hospital, get an employment contract based on public law. This contract often relegates to the rules of the Swiss Code of Obligations but has several special rules. In cases of difficulties there are more formal rules.
Citizans have the right to be heard by official institutions during procedures. They must be informed about the relevant issues and they may comment and bring forward evidence. The deciding authority has to discuss the points made.
There are special laws ruling administrative proceedings. The principle rules are the same everywhere and they must be followed, for example the right to be heard.
On the lowest level of administration no costs will be refunded. A Decision of a higher level has to decide on the costs of the procedure too depending on winning or losing. The winning litigant does not pay any proceeding costs and will get some refund for the lawyer’s fees.