School and educational law

Your lawyer for school law

The field of school law starts from the obligatory period of school, starting with Kindergarden, primary school and secondary school. During this education there may happen situations which need support. We accompany you to discussions between school and parents or represent you in a legal procedure.

Specialist in educational law

The field of educational law is about every education in Switzerland such as further education, trainings of any kind as apprenticeship, gymnasium, professional matura, at any college, universities, the technical highschool (ETH) or other educational institutes. We support you with legal questions to higher education in the fields of technic, IT, health, social, traffic, energy, economy, law, finances etc.

Case examples

At grade school for pupils, parents, teachers, school authority:
At professional schools, gymnasium, universities for studends, academics, etc.

Consulting for educational law

Thanks to our longterm experience we support and accompany you to meetings with school authorities, educational establishments or act for you in procedures.


What is an appeal or recourse? The cantonal law decides whether it’s a appeal or a recourse. Decisions of the school authority can be brought to escalation. Normally the procedures are in writing. After an exchange of letters the decision will be made.
There are procedures on the level of the educational institution or on the level of a higher instance. Normally proceedings take about several weeks. In cases of urgency requests for provisional decisions can be made.
Depending on the subject (division, promotion, special arrangements) there are personal meetings with the parents, specialists are called and the authority decides. This decision is subject to appeal.
Disciplinary actions are implemented as in a cascade: starting with a mild action and then stronger. The responsibility changes from the teacher. We clarify together with the client, how the problem can be solved.
On the lowest level of School or an educational institution no costs will be refunded. A Decision of a higher level has to decide on the costs of the procedure too depending on winning or losing. The winning litigant does not pay any proceeding costs and will get some refund for the lawyer’s fees.
Students or parents have the right to be heard by the School or educational institution. They must be informed about the issues and they may comment and bring forward evidence. The deciding authority has to discuss the points made.
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